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Well, the "official" 2015 Percolation Nation Tour may over, but the PERCOLATING certainly isn't!  We had so much fun traveling all over the Southeast and internationally to Bermuda, and percolating, dancing, singing and enjoying life and friendships everywhere we went!  And we're still percolating at all our live shows!   


Lesa's dance hit “Get Your Feet On The Floor,” certainly lived up to it's expectation, and was #1 for 4 weeks on radio!  The song was also nominated for Song of the Year in 2015.  A BIG thank you to all the DJs who played the song.  It has become a dance favorite on radio playlists!  


Speaking of dancing, the "Let's Percolate" dance .... an original dance choreographed by our friend Sue Ann Ehmann .... continues to fill the dancefloors at all our live shows, with Lesa leading the way!   You can learn the dance by clicking on the link in the top right hand corner of this page!


Also, be sure to check out the photo and video links found on this page to re-live all the great times we had!


The song "Get Your Feet On The Floor" is available for digital download all major digital distributors including iTunes,, Spotify, etc. 



And finally, the Percolation Nation Tour would not have been as successful without the gracious support from our SPONSORS and MEDIA PARTNERS!  We are so very grateful for their support!  Please visit their businesses, listen to their radio shows, attend their events and THANK them when you see them!


Learn the Official Percolation Nation line dance:

"Let's Percolate!"

(an original line dance choreographed by

Sue Ann Ehmann!) 


Click HERE to watch the Instructional Video


Look WHO's Percolating With US This Summer!





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