Notable Quotes:

Ricky is one of the most talented people that has been my pleasure to work with. Besides being a terrific writer, he is a truly gifted singer with phenomenal range. We have been really good friends over the years -- best of luck to him. -- Billy Joe Royal, International Recording Star (Down in the Boondocks, Cherry Hill Park, Burn Like A Rocket)

I've never heard a bad Rick Strickland song. Rick Strickland has never asked me to play one of his songs. I play Rick Strickland songs because I want to -- because they're so good. --
Woody Wyndham, Radio Personality

When I first heard Rick Strickland, I said now that guy can sing. But as I got to know Rick, I realized he was much more. Rick is an incredible singer, songwriter, musician, and performer. Rick is the total package. -- Craig Woolard, The Craig Woolard Band

Not only is Rick Strickland a first rate songwriter, he also has one of the best voices in Beach music. Having shared a stage with Rick many times, I've never seen him give less than 150 percent in a live performance. I am a Rick Strickland fan. -- Bo Schronce, Lead Vocalist, The Fantastic Shakers

Very exciting stage presence ...Rick Strickland is a true talent and deserves your attention. -- Steve Hardy, Radio Personality, Steve Hardys Original Beach Party Band
Rick is the best R&B, Rock or Beach singer to ever come out of South Carolina. I've known him for about 30 years, and he never fails to amaze me with his vocal and other musical abilities. -- Warren Moise, composer/producer of Mr. Beach by The ShagTime Band and Ocean Boulevard by Band of Oz

Rick is not only an excellent vocalist and musician; he is the best arranger that I have worked with. He is also an excellent writer and best studio vocalist that I have seen over the many years that I have been in this business. -- David A. Hicks, The Band Of Oz

Saturday night at J.B. Pivots, I had the pleasure of spinning some tunes after The Rick Strickland Band played. This was my first time seeing his group. Rick sang many of his current and past hits as well as some neat medleys. He even had requests to do some songs again in the last set. This guy's talent is something else. Something that I like to see on stage is the performers having fun. They can be the best vocalist in the world, but if they just stand up there and sing, I am totally under-whelmed. I worked some gigs with BOZ when Rick was with them and he had lots of energy on stage. He hasn't lost his zeal when the stage lights come on and the music starts. His vocals and guitar playing were top shelf, folks. If you get a chance to check him out with his band mates, do so Butch Halpin, Gigs In Review


Fan Reactions on Facebook:


Have enjoyed your music for quite a while, and just saw you and the band live at N. Myrtle Beach Fun Monday for the first time. We really enjoyed the performance.  We liked your on stage delivery and the great music from the guitars and and organ. You have a great voice and we enjoy the original song list. You have a new friend in us and you have our vote.  Your band would be a welcome addition to any event!  Thank you for a great show and we love you and the band, keep the music coming.  M.K, September 17, 2009


Saw your performance at the Industry Awards and loved the song So Do I. You received a standing ovation and I was one of the first standing.  I would not be surprised if you won song of the year for this one.   D.H, November 17, 2009


Saw (Rick and the band) at Fat Harold's and loved every minute. (We) met him and another member of the band. Great Great Great!!   A must see. J.D., March 10, 2010


Great Band. Everyone has to see RSB. They'll blow you away.  R.L., April 9, 2010